Who We Are

Welcome to Sunset Medical Billing, LLC a medical revenue management company in sunny Southern California. Our goal is to keep doctors and medical professionals focused on practicing medicine while we offer solutions to the rest of their practice. We are able to help nearly every medical specialty. Our resources, support, and technology have proved to streamline office visits, maximize reimbursements, and improve patient encounters.

As someone who dedicates their life to helping people, you deserve a partner in assisting you and your practice to operate efficiently, in compliance, and maximizing reimbursement. Sunset Medical Billing specializes in revenue cycle management, including electronic medical billing and certified coding services to receive the maximum amount of reimbursement possible.

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Our Process

Practice Analysis

Our certified team will come into your practice to meet with the managing team, in order to understand all of your processes in great detail.

Identifying Pain Points

Following the first meeting, we will study the Practice Analysis, and break down all the problems that are hurting your revenue stream.

Solution Proposal

A full solution that automates your current processes will be presented to your management team for evaluation.


Your providers will work hand in hand with members of our team to get up and running with all the new solutions.